How to Speak Cat

Has a kitty recently joined your household? Cats are fascinating animals, and make wonderful pets. These little furballs are definitely full of personality! When it comes to communicating with your kitty, you’ll find that Fluffy’s character dictates much of her behavior. That said, all kitties do speak the same basic ‘language’. In this article from your Newmarket vet, you’ll get a crash course on how to speak Cat.

Body Language

Cats communicate as much through their body language as through vocalizations, if not more so. If Fluffy’s ears are back, for instance, she may be irritated. If they are pressed back flat against her head, she feels angry or threatened. A cat that is hunched over or withdrawn may be in pain, while a kitty with puffed-out fur and an arched back could be feeling threatened.

TellTail Signs

Your furball’s tail position can also give you clues about how she’s feeling. If her tail is up, she’s probably happy. A flicking tail, on the other hand, signals annoyance. Fluffy may swish her tail when she’s about to pounce on something, but otherwise, a lashing tail is an indication of a grumpy kitty.


Did you know that kitties can make over 100 different sounds? Just like people, some kitties are more talkative than others. Some furballs tend to meow questions or demands: your furball might ask for her dinner, or cry to go outside. Purring, of course, is generally the sign of a happy kitty. Your kitty may also ‘speak’ by making chirruping noises. Hissing is often a sign of pending aggression, and can sometimes be an indication that a cat is feeling pain. Yowling is often an indication of pain or fear, though some cats, like the Siamese, naturally sound a bit ‘yowly’.

All that aside, cats are masters at sending mixed signals, and their moods can change very quickly. Some kitties purr while they’re biting you. Others may be cuddly one moment, and want nothing to do with you the next. Getting to know your furball will help you get to know her unique personality, and help you read her moods. Don’t be afraid to talk to Fluffy: the more you interact with her, the more she’ll bond with you!

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