Grooming Your Cat

Our feline friends certainly have many wonderful qualities. Kitties are cute, affectionate, and lots of fun, for starters. They’re also very clean! Fluffy will spend quite a bit of time grooming herself to keep that pretty fur nice and shiny. Even though your furball is great at taking care of herself, she may still need a little help with her beauty sessions. In this article, your Sharon vet discusses grooming your cat.


Generally, our feline friends don’t need baths, although some people do prefer to bathe their kitties. If you choose to bathe your cat, it’s best to start when she’s young. If your feline buddy is still a kitten, you may find it beneficial to give her a few ‘training’ baths. This will get her accustomed to being bathed and let her know that the tub is not her enemy. That way, if she ever gets something spilled on her fur, you’ll be able to get her clean again without losing a limb in the process. Be careful not to overbathe your furball, as this can strip the natural oils from her fur, which can result in a frizzy cat!


Brushing your kitty will remove dead fur and dander from her coat, which she may otherwise ingest while grooming herself. We all know what happens when Fluffy swallows too much fur. It’s not pretty. To get your furry little diva used to being brushed, a bit of stealth may be required. Pick a time when Kitty is relaxed and sleepy, and pet her. Then, pick up the brush, and ‘pet her’ using that. Don’t force your cat to submit: when Fluffy has had enough, let her go.


This one is a bit tricky. We cannot, in good conscience, advocate vacuuming your cat, at least with a normal vacuum. Many cats are simply terrified of vacuums. That said, some kitties not only tolerate being vacuumed, but actually enjoy it. In fact, some companies now make vacuums and attachments just for pets. If your furball isn’t afraid of the vacuum monster, you can try it. Be sure to use a vacuum or attachment made specifically for pets, as regular vacuums may be too powerful and could hurt your cat.

Remember to always follow your kitty’s grooming sessions with a treat or toy!

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