Caring for Your Dog’s Teeth

Do your dog’s teeth look yellow? Does Fido’s breath make you wince? If so, there’s a good chance that your pooch may be overdue for dental care. Dental problems are very common in our canine pals, but are often inadvertently overlooked. A Newmarket vet discusses doggy dental care in this article.

Common Dental Issues

Many of the problems that affect us can also trouble our four-legged friends. Cracked, chipped, loose, or misaligned teeth are not uncommon in our canine pals. Gum disease is another common issue, and is definitely something to take seriously. By some estimates, nearly 80 percent of our furry friends have gum disease. The bacteria and infections from unhealthy gums can travel through Fido’s bloodstream to his vital organs, and can contribute to several serious health issues, such as kidney disease.

Symptoms Of Dental Problems

Some of the symptoms of dental issues in dogs are visible to the naked eye or, well, the naked nose. Bad breath is one of the most common symptoms of dental problems in dogs. Fido’s kisses may never be winter-fresh, but they shouldn’t knock you out, either. Swelling, bleeding, and cysts are a few other symptoms of doggy dental woes. Other signs of dental problems in our canine friends include increased or excessive drooling; bloody saliva; increased thirst; and difficulty chewing, which can lead to weight loss. Your pooch may lose interest in playing with his chew toys if his teeth hurt.

Doggy Dental Care

Brushing Fido’s teeth is really the best way to keep his choppers in good shape. Start by gently massaging your pup’s teeth and gums with your finger. When he is used to that, put a little doggy toothpaste on your finger. Choose a yummy flavor like beef or chicken. The next step is to use a doggy toothbrush. If your canine pal won’t sit still to have his teeth brushed, consider buying dental-formula kibble and treats. These are made to help reduce and remove plaque and tartar. Another option is to buy Fido a tongue cleaner: they now make these specifically for dogs! Make sure your pup has plenty of chew toys, as chewing is also good for Fido’s oral health. Plenty of fresh water is also a must!

Does your dog need his teeth cleaned or examined? Please contact us, your Newmarket veterinary clinic, for all of Fido’s dental care needs.

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