Why Your Cat Needs a Good Life-Stage Diet

You’ve just been adopted by a charming stray kitten. Little Luna appeared at your door this morning, and she sashayed her way inside when you headed out for a walk. This spunky orange tabby quickly made herself at home. Since you haven’t found evidence of her mother, you suspect you’ve acquired a feline housemate. Tomorrow, Luna will visit your Sharon veterinarian for a new patient exam and a kitten-focused diet.

High-Energy Kitten Kibbles

Your crazy kitten resembles a peach-colored perpetual motion machine. She repeatedly races through the house, occasionally stopping to chase her tiny tail. Her small body is also developing quickly. To provide sufficient fuel for her fast-paced lifestyle and rapid growth, she requires a high-calorie kitten formula with extra protein. If she didn’t receive that optimum food, she could become sick or display substandard growth.

Expectant/Nursing Mother Nutrition

When Luna becomes a breeding-age female, you’ll get her spayed so she can’t compound the pet overpopulation problem. However, you’ve already planned to foster cats for an animal rescue group. You’ll likely meet at least one pregnant female who’s responsible for nourishing herself and her growing offspring. This mother-to-be needs a quality diet full of essential nutrients. By consuming superior food, she’ll also be less susceptible to certain medical conditions.

Tailored Senior Feline Formulation

Hyperactive Luna will someday become an elegant senior cat who conducts life at a leisurely pace. During her golden years, she might develop mobility issues and/or be faced with a chronic medical problem. First, the vet will treat her health issue. Next, she’ll consider a specially formulated food that supports your feline housemate’s treatment program.

Why Cats Get Fat

Cats can become rotund, even obese, from consuming too many calories for their pitiful exercise levels. These hapless felines can also become pudgy from dining on incorrect life-stage food.

Perhaps hyperactive little Luna has morphed into a lazy middle-aged cat. Instead of running laps around the house, she’d much rather sleep on her plush comfy bed. If she still gobbles up her high-calorie kitten chow, she’ll probably pack on some pounds.

As Luna grows into a healthy adult cat, your Sharon veterinarian will give her regular physical exams and resolve emerging medical issues. She’ll periodically adjust your feline companion’s diet to match her changing nutritional needs. To give your cat excellent nutrition, contact us for an appointment.

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