Why Does Your Dog Dig?

Has your canine buddy recently decided to take up mining? Digging is a common complaint among dog owners. In order to properly address your pup’s behavior, you’ll first need to figure out why he’s digging in the first place. In this article, a Sharon vet discusses possible reasons for Fido’s digging habit.


Is Fido spending too much time alone? If so, loneliness may be the cause of your canine pal’s landscaping obsession. Make sure you’re spending enough time with your pooch, and consider the feasibility of getting him a playmate.


Sometimes dogs dig to try to get to an animal that is burrowing through the ground. Terriers are particularly prone to this. Look at your pup’s handiwork: if your pooch is digging in straight lines, he may be after a mole or other animal. Use non-toxic pest control to get rid of the unwanted guest.


Fido may also dig because he wants to escape, either to get away from something or just to explore. Intact dogs may try to escape in search of doggy love. Your four-legged friend may also be trying to get away from something, like a loud noise, or he may just want to explore. Make sure your canine buddy feels loved, happy, safe, and comfortable. If your pooch hasn’t been fixed, we recommend doing this as soon as possible. To keep Fido from running away, bury chicken wire below your fence line.


Does your yard offer suitable entertainment options? If not, your canine pal might be digging just to keep himself occupied. Make sure your pup has plenty of suitable toys, and take time to play with your furry buddy every day.


Fido might be digging to make himself a little bed to get away from heat or cold. Consider getting your canine pal a doghouse, and keep him inside when the weather is bad.

Buried Treasure

Dogs sometimes bury food and other goods as a way to store them for later. If you suspect that Fido is a four-legged pirate stashing his hoard, try building your furry friend a sandbox, and burying toys and treats in it. If Fido knows where the treasure is hidden, he may lose interest in the rest of the yard.

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