Stop Your Cat’s Obnoxious Spraying Behavior

Your orange tabby Benny is the king of questionable habits. First, this spunky four-year-old feline housemate scaled your custom living room curtains. Next, he repeatedly knocked items off the kitchen counters when you weren’t looking. However, your practical joker has crossed the line. For two days, your obnoxious housemate has sprayed male cat urine around your home. Working from a standing position, he hoses down your carpet, walls, and furniture without apparent difficulty. You’ve had enough of Benny’s stinky antics. Tomorrow, he’ll visit your Newmarket, ON veterinarian for expert behavioral counseling. In the meantime, consider several responses to your cat’s unacceptable actions.

What’s Causing the Spraying Behavior

Benny can’t help himself, as he’s dominated by tons of male cat sex hormones. Perhaps he’s instinctively bent on ruling your household, and marking his territory is an important step in that conquest. If your unruly cat hasn’t been neutered, make that appointment immediately.

Afterward, his spraying behavior should ramp down along with his hormone levels. Also, note that female cats can do their share of spraying. Avoid that problem by making sure little Daisy has been spayed.

Banish That Cat Urine Smell

Watching Benny wreak his smelly havoc is bad enough. However, yesterday you came home to find your house reeking of cat urine, but you couldn’t locate the source. Half an hour later, you stepped in the scene of the crime. Fortunately, a powerful enzymatic cleaner can banish that horrible odor. However, several applications might be necessary.

Finally, here’s some positive news. After the urine stench evaporates from Benny’s previously sprayed surfaces, he probably won’t pee there again. Ask your vet if spritzing a feline pheromone on those objects will entice your cat to mark them with his face.

Create Much-Needed Diversions

Perhaps your feline delinquent needs physical and mental exercise. If his diet includes snacks, buy him one (or more) challenging treat puzzles. Entice him with a laser wand that he’ll never really catch.

Although you think Benny deserves a “time out,” extra playtime could produce better results. After all, if he tires himself out with constructive activity, he might have little energy for spraying. Don’t punish him, as he could target your previously untouched bedroom next.

Your Newmarket, ON veterinarian will help you stop Benny’s undesirable behavior. If your cat sprays in the house, contact us for expert advice.

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