Your Dog’s Neighborhood Walks Provide Surprising Benefits

Your golden retriever Cooper seems to be angling for another walk. This energetic four-year-old canine housemate has been pacing near the door for several minutes. He just brought you his leash for added effect. Every time you leave the house, your companion is likely to head down a brand-new street or take another lap through the park. Your Sharon, ON vet is pleased that Cooper has a successful exercise program. Each brisk walk helps to keep your pooch flexible and strengthen his muscles. He also receives several unexpected benefits.

Digestion and Weight Benefits

Cooper’s digestive system has always been quirky, and he periodically suffers from constipation. Although your vet monitors these issues, consistent exercise can help to regulate your dog’s bodily functions. Because he’s susceptible to weight gain, frequent brisk jaunts burn up calories and can result in desirable scale numbers.

Improved Self-Confidence

Two years ago, you met Cooper at your city’s animal shelter. He was a shy young adult who hid behind his shelter mates when you approached him. He also seemed uncomfortable with other dogs. After you adopted this good-natured pooch, you spent considerable time helping him to become more confident at home.

Next, you took your increasingly sociable companion into the outside world. On neighborhood walks, you introduced him to friendly dogs and humans. At the dog park, he learned that other dogs make good playmates. When you took him to the farmer’s market, the produce and craft vendors showered your eager buddy with ear scratches. Gradually, your formerly shy dog became the most outgoing pooch in town.

Essential Obedience Skills

Besides missing socialization skills, just-adopted Cooper lacked desirable discipline. He frequently became bored, and turned to chewing your furniture and baseboards. He also leaped on visitors while greeting them, suddenly halting your social invitations.

Completely desperate, you booked your overgrown puppy into a basic obedience class. He quickly responded to the course’s structure, and received his Course Completion Certificate after easily mastering each behavior. Now, you enjoy your neighborhood walks. Your social calendar has rebounded, and your home’s furnishings remain untouched.

When Cooper next visits your Sharon, ON vet, she’ll probably compliment your friendly dog on his good behavior. You’re sure his walking regimen played a major part in his transformation. To get your canine companion into a vet-approved exercise program, contact us for expert advice.

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