Seven Great Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! All of us here at your local Sharon, ON vet clinic want to help spread the word. Animal shelters are full of sweet, loving canines that are in desperate need of good homes. If you are considering adopting a dog, please consider going through a shelter! Read on for some great reasons to adopt a shelter dog.

Find Your Match

The variety of available pets is one benefit of adopting from a shelter. Whether you want a lovable goofball, a cuddly lapdog, a family-friendly pooch, an active canine, or a dog of a specific age or breed, you’ll likely find your perfect match in a shelter.

Save Money

Adopting from a shelter is often cheaper than going through a breeder or pet store. Plus, Fido will already have been spayed or neutered, and will be up to date on his shots, so you can save money on veterinary costs as well.


Many shelter dogs have been pets before. Fido may already be fully housebroken and trained. You might find a perfectly well-behaved pooch!

Meet Fido

Shelters generally allow people to spend some time with their potential pets before adopting them. This will give you a chance to get to know Fido a little, and help ensure that you’re choosing the pooch that is right for you.


Dogs are generally put through some basic personality tests before being put up for adoption. This helps determine what type of household will be the best fit for them. If you have kids, for instance, you can look for a pup is good with children.

Make A Friend

Dogs are very intuitive, and know when they’ve been helped. Your furry new friend may very well understand that you’ve rescued him, and will reward you with love, loyalty, and doggy kisses.

Benefit Animal Welfare

By adopting from a shelter, you’re helping many animals. Fido’s vacated spot will rapidly be filled by another pooch in search of his forever home. The adoption fees will also help the shelter feed and care for other animals in need. Plus, you can rest assured that you aren’t lining the pockets of a puppy mill owner or disreputable store owner.

Do you have questions about caring for Fido? We are here to help! Please contact us, your local Sharon, ON veterinary clinic, anytime.

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