Tips for Boarding Your Dog

Are you going to be traveling soon? For pet parents, boarding is often the best option for keeping Fido safe and sound while they are away. If you’re planning to board your dog in the near future, read this article from a Newmarket, ON for some great tips on bringing Fido to the kennel.

Check References

Ask your friends, family members, and veterinarian if they can recommend a good kennel. Before deciding on a specific place, look for reviews on that particular business. One bad review amidst several glowing recommendations may likely just be a disgruntled customer, but multiple low scores are definitely a red flag.

Business Practices

Make sure that the kennel asks for proof of vaccination and registration. If they don’t require it from you, they won’t require it of others, and that indicates poor business practices.

Visit In Advance

Don’t bring your canine pal to a place you haven’t checked out in advance. The last thing you want is to discover at the last minute that your chosen kennel leaves you with an uneasy feeling.

Write Down Special Instructions

Does your dog take medicine? Does Fido’s stomach get upset easily? Let the staff know these things. Don’t rely just on verbal instruction: the person you speak to may not be the one handling your canine pal. Write any special instructions down. Don’t overwhelm staff with too much information: keep your doggy handbook short and sweet.

Bring Your Pet’s Food

Changing food, on top of the stress of being in a strange environment, can give Fido an upset stomach. Be sure to pack your pup’s regular food.

Provide Comfort Items

Fido may feel more at home with his own bedding and toys. If it’s allowed, bring some of your canine friend’s things.

Leave Contact Information

Make sure that your chosen kennel has your current contact information. Ask about their policies for contacting owners. If Fido gets into a tussle with another dog, and gets a minor cut, will they contact you immediately? Or do they only reach out in case of an emergency?

Know Business Hours

Make sure you are aware of the kennel’s operating hours, so you know when you can and can’t drop off and pick up your pet.

Do you have any questions about your dog’s care? We are happy to help! Call us, your Newmarket, ON vet clinic, today!

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