Holiday Safety for Cats

The holidays are just around the corner! Many of us are starting to really look forward to spending some quality time with our loved ones and digging into those delicious holiday dinners. Your feline friend will certainly take note of all the festivities! People that are owned by cats will want to take a few basic precautions to keep their furry overlords safe during the holiday season. In this article from a Newmarket, ON vet, you’ll read about holiday safety for cats.


We know, Fluffy is part of the family too, so it’s only natural for you to want to include her in your celebrations. Just be very careful with what you feed your feline pal, as many of our favorite foods are dangerous for her. Never give your cat anything seasoned with garlic, onion, chives, or scallions. Chocolate, avocado, caffeine, and alcohol are also on the no-no list. Just give your furball some plain, cooked meat that is free of bones.


Candles and cats don’t mix! While scented candles can certainly make your home seem cozy and inviting, you don’t want to take any chances. Keep candles in secure, high places, well out of Fluffy’s reach. If you have a fireplace, be sure to use a grate!


Cats can be very territorial, and few things can make them more uneasy than a house full of strangers. If your furball is a calm, sociable kitty, she may simply take advantage of all the extra hands and laps to get some more attention and cuddles. More timid cats may bolt for the safety of their favorite spot under the bed. If your furry friend is the nervous type, set her up in a quiet back room with her litterbox, toys, food and water, and a comfy bed.


Cats seem to have a talent for heading straight for the person who is most allergic to them. If your guests have allergies, try to minimize their discomfort. Vacuum and dust your home thoroughly, change out your air filters, and keep boxes of tissues handy. Brush Fluffy daily for about a week before your holiday gathering to remove dead fur and dander from her coat.

All of us here at your Newmarket, ON, vet clinic, want to wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season. Please contact us for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs.

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