Cute Moments Every Dog Owner Experiences

If you have a dog, you’ve likely shared quite a few adorable moments with your pet, and a lot of funny ones too. Fido can definitely be quite hilarious! In fact, our wonderful canine friends have a very special way of putting smiles on our faces. A local Newmarket, ON veterinarian talks about some of Man’s Best Friend’s cutest moments in this article.

The Head Tilt

Fido has many fun and endearing habits, but one of the cutest has to be his way of cocking his head to the side, as if to ask a question.

The Walk Fake-out

Dogs are extremely smart. In fact, some studies suggest that even dogs with just average intelligence are at least as smart as a two year-old human child. While this may still be under study, we do know that Fido is sharp enough to have picked up a few clever tricks to help him get what he wants. One of his favorite ones is the walk fake-out. This is what happens when your furry buddy pretends he really, really, really needs to go out right now… only to leisurely start sniffing grass.

The Joyous Bounce

There’s no mistaking a happy dog: Fido may wag his tail, hop around, and jump for joy when he is excited. This may happen when you come home after being away all day, or when magical words such as ‘Treat’ or ‘Car Ride’ are spoken. Whatever the reason for it, that exuberant bounce is bound to make you smile.

Watchful Observer

This describes that moment when your dog is sound asleep … until you go near his doggy treats, or open a container of something yummy. Fido can somehow go from dreamland to fully alert in no time!

Grass Obsession

Your canine pal’s cute little nose can tell him a lot about his surroundings. Fido’s grass-sniffing predilection isn’t just a funny quirk: when Fido does this, he’s learning all about what’s happened on or near that spot. Sooner or later, you’ll be walking your pooch, and he’ll become absolutely fascinated by one spot of lawn, and want to keep smelling it long after you’re ready to move on.

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