Dental Issues in Cats

Did you know that dental disease is one of the most common health problems in cats? Our feline friends can be afflicted by many different dental problems. Dental troubles are just as painful for Fluffy as they are for us, but, since your kitty can’t tell you if her mouth hurts, it’s up to you to keep her teeth healthy, and watch for signs of possible problems. In this article, a Newmarket, ON veterinarian discusses feline dental trouble.

Common Dental Problems

Gum disease is one of the most common dental problems in our feline friends. Just as with people, gum disease in kitties is painless and asymptomatic in its early stages, but can eventually lead to tooth destabilization or tooth loss. Gum disease is also problematic because the infection can travel through Fluffy’s bloodstream to her major organs, and can contribute to other serious health issues. Some other common feline dental problems include tooth resorption, oral cancer, and stomatitis, which is a painful inflammation.

Symptoms of Dental Issues

Some common signs of dental problems in kitties include drooling; vomiting; bad breath; bleeding gums; swelling; tartar buildup; and difficulty eating. Kitties that don’t feel well often don’t act like themselves. Fluffy may hide, neglect her grooming, or act grumpy or aggressive. Changes in vocalization can also be symptomatic of dental woes: if your feline friend is meowing more or less than usual, she could have dental problems. Contact your vet immediately if your cat shows any of these red flags.

Treating Fluffy’s Dental Woes

As one can imagine, the odds of getting Fluffy to sit quietly while her teeth are worked on are slim to none. Therefore, feline dental work is generally done with kitties under anesthesia. If your furball has tartar built up on her teeth, a deep cleaning will remove it, and help fight off bacteria, inflammation, and gum disease. Other issues will be handled on an individual basis, after your vet has properly diagnosed the issue.

Keeping Fluffy’s Teeth Healthy

Feeding your kitty a nutritious, high-quality diet is very important, not just for her oral health, but her overall well-being. Making sure Fluffy always has fresh, clean water is also crucial. Ask your vet for specific nutritional and home care recommendations.

Do you know or suspect that your furball has dental problems? We can help! Please contact us, your Newmarket, ON animal clinic, anytime.

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