5 Ways to Keep Your Dog’s Paws Healthy

Does your canine pal sometimes put his paw on your leg when he wants a walk or a belly rub? Fido’s adorable paws are crucial to his health: he couldn’t get around without them! Caring for your dog’s paws isn’t difficult, but it is very important. Below, a Newmarket, ON vet offers some doggy paw care tips.

Nail Trims

Overgrown nails can be quite problematic for Man’s Best Friend. If Fido’s nails are too long, they will cause him discomfort and pain when he walks. Long claws can also make it hard for your furry pal to get traction on slippery floors, and can even affect his gait. Over time, they can contribute to or aggravate painful medical problems, like arthritis.


Fido can pick up all sorts of substances on those furry feet! Dogs can get harmful pesticides on their paws by walking through recently-treated yards. Your pooch can also get pollen or chemicals on his feet. Wipe your pet’s paws down with a damp washcloth daily.


Check your pup’s paws regularly. You’ll want to make sure Fido doesn’t have anything stuck between his furry toes. Ticks sometimes latch on to dogs’ paws, so you’ll also want to check for unauthorized hitchhikers. Keep an eye out for cuts or swelling as well. If you notice a minor cut, you can treat it with antiseptic, but contact your vet for anything more than a light nick.

Paw Protection

Walking and running on hot or abrasive surfaces can cause your canine buddy to develop painful burns, blisters, or abrasions on his paws. Snow, salt, sand, ice, and de-icing agents can also do a number on Fido’s furry feet. Use a paw balm or paw wax to protect your dog’s delicate paw pads, and choose pet-friendly de-icing products.


When you’re walking Fido, try to keep him on soft surfaces, like grass and dirt, as much as possible. If your pooch likes to go swimming in summer, be extra careful after he gets out of the water. Just like people, dogs’ skin is extra delicate when it’s wet. In winter, fresh snow, especially light snowfalls, can be dangerous, as the snow can mask hazardous items, such as broken glass.

Do you have any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care? We can help! Contact us, your Newmarket, ON animal clinic, anytime.

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