Camping With Fido

Do you enjoy camping? It can be very rejuvenating to spend a relaxing weekend in a pretty, peaceful setting, just unwinding and getting away from it all. Our canine friends make great camping buddies: after all, Man’s Best Friend has been joining us at campfires for thousands of years. There are some safety precautions to keep in mind when bringing your pet into the woods, however. You’ll read some great tips for camping with dogs in this article from a Newmarket, ON veterinarian.

Preventative Care

Fido should be microchipped and wearing current ID tags. Your pooch should also be up to date on his parasite control products and important vaccines, such as rabies.

Health Check

Camping isn’t going to be a good option for every dog. Check with your vet first, and make sure Fido gets the green light.


Before you bring Fido camping, make sure he obeys important commands like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Proper training can help you keep your canine buddy from approaching a wild animal or running off into the woods.

Parasite Control

You can never be too careful when it comes to ticks! Even if your four-legged friend is up to date on his flea and tick prevention, you’ll still want to do a nose-to-tail tick check every day. Check between your pet’s toes, under his collar, and in his ears. If you do find a tick, remove it immediately.


Try not to let your pup drink from ponds, lakes, or streams. The water may not be safe. Boil water for Fido, or bring his H20 with you.


Don’t forget to pack for the pooch! Fido will need food, treats, water, dishes, a leash and collar, bedding, and a raincoat. If you’re going boating, you’ll also want to include a doggy lifejacket. A first-aid kit is also a must.


We recommend keeping Fido leashed, though you can use a retractable leash to give him more leeway. Also, don’t let him get too close to the fire pit, even after the flames are out: it’s easy for dogs to burn their paws on smoldering ashes. You also want to keep barbeque skewers and bones away from your pet. Ask your vet for more safety recommendations.

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