Love Your Pet Day

Did you know that February 20th is Love Your Pet Day? We know, every day is Love Your Pet Day. But this is a great chance to pamper your furry best friend a bit. Here, a Sharon, ON vet at Armitage Animal Clinic lists some cute ways to score some extra purrs and tail wags on this special occasion.


Buy or make your four-legged pal a fun new toy, and take some time for a fun play session. Playing is of course lots of fun for our furry companions, but it is also good for them, both physically and mentally. Fluffy may enjoy catnip bubbles, a robotic mouse, an automated laser pointer, or a simple catnip mouse. As for Fido, consider getting him a new rope toy, ball, or puzzle toy.


Fido spends about half of his time napping, while Fluffy can snooze up to 20 hours a day. Why not get your dog or cat a comfy new bed to curl up in? Do a bit of research before you go shopping, as pet beds are not all the same. For instance, older pooches may appreciate orthopedic or heated beds, while a kitty or smaller canine may enjoy a bed with raised sides.


Both dogs and cats can enjoy plain, cooked meat, without the bones, skin, or fat. Fluffy may also like a can of tuna or some cat milk. As for Fido, well, he’ll eat pretty much anything, but doggy biscuits, bits of deli meat, and small amounts of sausage or bacon are bound to please him. Just be careful to only offer healthy, suitable snacks, and avoid going overboard with fatty treats.

Veterinary Care

Visiting us may not be your pet’s favorite way to spend a few hours, but our animal companions are both healthier and happier with regular veterinary care. Schedule your furkid’s next appointment. Afterwards, pamper your furry pal with a yummy snack, a fun play session, or some quiet snuggle time.


Animals have a special ability to love their owners unconditionally. In fact, many of our four-legged friends really want nothing more than to hang out with their favorite humans. Spend some quality time with your furry buddy! This is also a great chance to get some cute pictures of your pet!

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact Armitage Animal Clinic, your Sharon, ON vet clinic, today!

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