DIY Holiday Gifts for Fido

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Don’t forget to pick up something for your dog! Fido’s part of the family, too! You don’t have to break the bank buying doggy gifts, however. Read on for some great DIY ideas from a local Newmarket, ON vet.


There are lots of great ways to make Fido a cute, comfy doggy bed. If you have a smaller dog, upcycle an old end table with doors by taking the doors off and putting bedding inside. You can also dress up a hard-shell suitcase, wicker basket, or even a wooden crate. Larger dogs can get comfy in a repurposed tractor tire, a pallet bed, or a coffee table with legs turned upside down. Use paint, varnish, or stencils to make your pet’s bed look nice, then add comfy pillows, a mattress topper, and/or lots of soft blankets.

Rope Toy

You can make a cute rope toy for your pooch! Cut an old tee shirt or towel into thin strips and braid the pieces together. To make Fido’s new plaything look nice, choose a few fabrics that are different colors, and alternate. Braid the braids together until you get the desired thickness, and then tie it off in a big knot. You can also ‘thread’ a tennis ball through the toy.

Chew Toys

It doesn’t get much easier than this! Remove the rings, cap, and sticker from a water bottle. Then, just tie it up in a tee shirt or old towel. Voila! (Tip: for safety reasons, be sure to take Fido’s toy away from him if he rips the fabric.) For an even simpler version, just cut the legs off an old pair of jeans, and tie knots in them until they’re big enough for your pooch to gnaw on.


Do you like cooking? There are lots of great treats you can make for your canine friend. Look for recipes that use dog-safe ingredients, such as plain yogurt, natural peanut butter, organic baby food, sodium-free broth, meat, cheese, eggs, and safe fruits and veggies. Feel free to mix and match! Just be sure never to give your furry pal unsafe foods. Some things on the no-no list include garlic, onions, and chives; pitted fruits; nuts; chocolate; caffeine; grapes, currents, and raisins; and meat on the bone.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Newmarket, ON pet hospital, anytime!

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