Caring for Your Dog’s Ears

Does your pup have cute floppy ears? Or does Fido have pointed ears? No matter what type of ears your canine friend has, taking good care of them is very important. In this article, a Sharon, ON vet discusses caring for your dog’s ears.

Ear Concerns

Fido can get a variety of ear issues, from infections to parasites. Dogs’ ears are moist, and full of little ridges and canals. These things, combined, make them the perfect environment for bacterial and yeast infections, which can be both painful and dangerous. Allergies can also cause ear troubles: if your canine pal has stubborn ear problems that go away with treatment but return as soon as treatment stops, allergies could be to blame. Some dogs are more prone to ear problems than others are. Pooches with floppy ears, like poodles, are often susceptible. Because the shape of their ears don’t allow for much airflow, moisture can easily get trapped in them. Check your furry friend’s ears regularly, especially if he has a lot of ear hair, or produces heavy wax.

Cleaning Fido’s Ears

Fido’s age, breed, and ear type will determine how often his ears should be cleaned. When it’s cleaning your pet’s ears, use a cotton ball and either mineral oil or a doggy ear-cleaning solution to gently remove dirt and wax. Never use anything sharp, such a cotton swab, on the inside of your canine buddy’s ears, and never go too deep. Ask your vet for specific instructions.

Signs of Ear Problems

Fido can’t tell you if he has an earache, so it’s up to you to watch for potential warning signs. A foul smell is one common one. You may notice a brown, red, or greenish discharge. Your pup may also shake his head or paw at his ears. There are also some behavioral signs, such as crankiness, reduced interest in play, and reduced appetite. You’ll also want to watch for mites, which look like tiny brown specks. Call your vet immediately if you notice any of these red flags.


If Fido has ear fur, consult your vet before having a groomer clip it. In some cases, trimming this fur can be beneficial, but with other pups, it can do more harm than good.

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