High-Tech Ways to Spoil Your Cat

Kitties have been our friends and companions for thousands of years. Now, as we continue to make rapid advances in technology, our feline friends are also benefitting. While the basics of cat care haven’t changed very much in recent years, kitties are enjoying some fun new gadgets. In fact, Fluffy apparently has some big fans in the technology sector! In this article from Armitage Animal Hospital, a Sharon, ON vet lists some high-tech ways to keep your kitty content.


Did you know that there are now apps you can download just for Fluffy to play with on your phone or tablet? Some cats really enjoy trying to catch digital mice, birds, feathers, or fish! Of course, not all kitties are impressed by the wonders of technology. Your feline buddy may just give you a flat stare and go on about her daily napping business, completely unimpressed. With cats, you just never know!

Remote-Controlled Toys

Mechanical toys can be great fun for our furry pals! Consider getting your kitty a remote-controlled mouse to chase around. If you really want to go all out, you can get an app that allows you to play with your cute pet remotely, using a camera, a laser pointer, and a smartphone. (Tip: while playing with Fluffy may seem like a great way to get through a dull meeting at work, it’s probably best to wait until your lunch break.)

Mechanical Toys

It would be almost impossible to list all of the automated, mechanical, and moving toys you can get your feline pal. Bring on the purr by getting Fluffy a robotic mouse, a smart ball, or an automated ‘butterfly.’ You can even get your playful pet a small mechanical fish that swims and floats. This is a great choice for kitties that like water, like Bengals!

Automated Laser Pointers

Fluffy has been trying to catch that little red dot for years, but it still keeps eluding her. If your frisky feline goes bananas every time she spots that crimson speck, she may love an automated laser pointer! Then again, some kitties prefer simple, classic toys. Your furry little friend may be more interested in a crumpled-up paper ball, a catnip mouse, or a plain cardboard box.

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