Pet Appreciation Week

Did you know that the first week of June is Pet Appreciation Week? Pets are truly wonderful gifts, and are definitely something to be thankful for! In this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, a Sharon, ON vet offers tips on how and why to show your pet appreciation.

Why Pets Rule

We could spend hours just talking about how wonderful our furry friends are. They show unconditional love, which is both precious and rare. They also have a special way of soothing and uplifting us in troubled times. Your four-legged buddy doesn’t care where you work or what your bank account balance is, and they won’t judge you if your house gets messy. Pets are also highly entertaining! Fluffy’s cute quirks and Fido’s goofy antics can make us smile even on the worst days. Finally, dogs and cats can be very intuitive. There are many amazing stories of pets warning their owners of health problems, fires, and even robbers.

Appreciation From Pets

Pets definitely have some adorable ways of showing us their appreciation. Purrs and tail wags may be the cutest, but there are many others. If you have a kitty, your furball may express her affection by headbutting you, giving you nose boops, sleeping on top of you, following you around, blinking at you slowly, and, of course, occasionally giving you a playful nip. Fido, on the other hand, may literally jump for joy to see you when you get home. He may also follow you around, and sleep at your feet or—if he fits—in your lap.

Showing Pets Your Appreciation

Our four-legged friends are extremely appreciative of the good care we give them. Good food, proper veterinary care, and a comfy bed are all very important. However, to really keep your furry pal happy, you’ll need to go a bit further. Offer your pet lots of fun toys, and play with them regularly. Fluffy will also appreciate some kitty furniture and a good window view. As for Fido, he’ll need daily walks and regular grooming, including doggy dental care and claw trims. Your canine friend may also enjoy a doghouse and the occasional trip to a doggy park. Cuddles, treats, and ear scritches are also on the list of things pets appreciate.

Please contact Armitage Animal Clinic, your Sharon, ON vet clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here for you!

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