How to Teach Your Dog to Put His Toys Away

Does your canine buddy know cute tricks, like Shake or Roll Over? While these classic doggy moves will always be adorable, you may want to consider teaching your pooch something more helpful. In this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, a Newmarket, ON vet tells you how to get Fido to put his toys away.

Step 1: Take It

First, you’ll want to teach Fido to Take It. Hold up your canine pal’s favorite plaything, and wiggle it to get him interested and excited. Sooner or later, your pooch will reach out to take the toy. Just before he does, say ‘Take it.’ Then, reward him with treats, ear scritches, and praise. Repeat this until Fido will take the toy on command.

Step 2: Drop It

The next command you’ll want to teach your pooch is the command to Drop it. You’ll have to do this when Fido has one of his toys in his mouth. Hold out a treat to your pet. Choose something yummy, that your canine friend won’t be able to refuse. He’ll have to drop the toy to get his snack. Tell your furry pal to ‘Drop it’ just as he is about to let go. Keep doing this until he drops the toy when told.

Step 3: The Basket

The final step is to get a basket for Fido to keep his toys in. Pick a few of your pup’s favorite playthings, and set the toys out around the basket. Then, go sit beside the basket. You’ll now have Fido ‘Take’ a toy. Next, get a treat and hold your hand out over the basket. Tell your pooch to ‘Drop it.’ Each time your furry buddy drops his toy into the basket, immediately reward him with treats and praise. Keep doing this until you think Fido has it down. Then, start moving the toys further away from the basket. Again, you’ll need to repeat this until your canine companion obeys the command right away. Then, start saying something like ‘Pick up’ first.


When training Fido, always be consistent, patient, and positive. Also, make sure your furry friend knows basic commands like Sit, Stay, and Come, before teaching him cute or useful tricks. Ask your vet for more information.

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