The Benefits of Playing With Fido

Our canine buddies are super cute when they are feeling playful. Fido may run up to you holding his favorite toy, or literally jump for joy if you pick up that tennis ball or Frisbee. Our professional advice here is to absolutely indulge these adorable requests for playtime. Playing isn’t just fun for your furry pal: it’s also very important to his mental and physical well-being! A Newmarket, ON vet explains why in this article from Armitage Animal Clinic.


Making sure your pooch is getting enough activity is very important. Running and jumping are great for Fido physically, and will help keep him fit and trim. If your dog is more active than you are, keep him moving by playing games like Fetch. He’ll do all the work, while you stay still. Playing with a laser pointer is another good option.

Boredom Buster

Fido is very curious and intelligent, and can get restless and uneasy when left by himself. Boredom is a big factor in many bad doggy behaviors, such as chewing and digging. Playing is a great way to brighten up your pet’s day, and keep him from feeling anxious.

Burning Off The Zoomies

Do you have a furry, four-legged bundle of mischief on your hands? Some of our canine friends are full of beans! (Note: pinto, black, kidney, soybeans, green, and garbanzo beans are all safe for dogs, as long as they are cooked.) A fun play session will help Fido burn off his excess energy.

Mental Stimulation

Fido’s mental health is just as important as his physical well-being. Your pup has to pay attention to see where you threw that ball, and has to time his jumps just right to catch that Frisbee. This is great for his mind!


When you take time to play with Fido, you’re making an effort to keep him happy and entertained. Dogs are definitely smart enough to know when we’re doing something for them. This is a wonderful way to make your canine companion feel happy and loved.


Last but not least, playing is just fun for Fido! There’s a pretty good chance that doggy playtime will put a smile on your face too.

Please contact us at Armitage Animal Clinic, your Newmarket, ON veterinary hospital, with any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care. We are here to help!

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