Adorable Ways Kitties Show Cattitude

Kitties are certainly quirky little furballs, who can pack lots of purrsonality into small packages. Fluffy is adorable, but she can also be temperamental. Your cat might act cuddly and clingy one minute, and then aloof and a bit grumpy the next. In this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, a Newmarket, ON vet lists a few of the ways our feline overlords can be.

The Nope

Sometimes cats are furry little bundles of purr, who want nothing more than to be cuddled and petted. However, this only happens on Fluffy’s terms. When you are ready to settle down with your favorite TV show and your furball, your cat may very well ignore you, walk away, or refuse to stay on your lap.

Ignorance Is Bliss

Studies have actually confirmed that cats do know when they are being called. They just don’t bother to answer. It’s also worth noting that kitties have a knack for choosing to ignore us when we are in a hurry, trying to get somewhere, or about to leave.


One interesting thing about cats is the fact that they can go from playful to angry to nonchalant within the space of a minute. Your kitty may be happily batting at a toy mouse one minute, or letting you pet her, only to suddenly decide she’s annoyed and bite you. (Note: cats often bite lightly when they are either mildly irritated or feeling frisky. If your furball bites forcefully, flattens her ears, or lashes her tail, she’s truly angry.)

Obvious Defiance

Have you ever suspected that cats do things just to annoy us? For example, if you see your furry pal about to knock something off the table, you may say something like ‘No!’ or ‘Stop.’ Don’t be surprised if Fluffy looks at you with a completely smug expression and proceeds.

Fur For Thought

Fluffy’s fur is one of her cutest traits. However, that pretty coat looks much better on her than it does on you. We suspect that kitties sometimes deliberately ‘fur’ our clothes, just for the heck of it.

Picky Eating

Does your furball sometimes cry or rub against your legs to demand dinner right meow, only to turn her cute nose up at her food? Cats can be quite finicky!

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