COVID-19 Update: Concierge Service

Our New Concierge Service…..
To all our wonderful pet parents, in order to continue offering our services in an expedient and safe environment, we ask that you closely follow the requests below to facilitate a smooth transition to a new protocol for assessing your fur-babies.
  • It is important that if you have travelled or are exhibiting signs of respiratory disease, that you arrange for someone else to bring your pet in.  We also ask that one family member transport the patient/s.
  • On arrival, please drive up to curb side or park.  Pet owner and pet are to remain in car.  Client calls the clinic.
  • Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT ) retrieves pet from car.
  • Client is to remain in car until completion of exam or in occasional circumstances return to clinic at a designated time to pick up.
  • The team of Armitage Animal Clinic will apprise client of his or her pet’s assessment and discuss a further treatment plan.
  • RVT will return pet to the car with all treatments/food.
Regarding  ALL food and medication pick ups. Owners are to call upon arrival and their items will be brought to the car.
Thank you!

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