Dental Special

Could you imagine not brushing your teeth for days, weeks, months or even years?

Not only would it be unpleasant for those around you, but you’d probably end up with some pretty uncomfortable and even irreversible symptoms.

Sadly, this is exactly what many of our pets are dealing with. In fact, by the age of just 3, the majority of adult dogs and cats will have already developed some form of dental disease. Left untreated, dental disease can leave your loved one feeling pain and even shorten his or her life.

Since animals can’t care for their own oral health, it’s up to us – as pet parents and veterinary professionals – to help them. And the team at Armitage Animal Clinic is up to the challenge!

For a limited time only, we are offering 20% off all dental services!

Simply pick up the phone and schedule an appointment for your pet any time between February 1st through the 28th, and we’ll perform a Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT) at a savings of 20% off!

Under general anesthetic, your pet’s teeth will be ultrasonically scaled and polished, below the gum line will be cleaned and assessed, and a fluoride treatment will be applied.  Dental X-rays will be taken to check for periodontal disease under the gum line – sources of pain and infection.

Why should you consider taking advantage of this amazing offer? Because pets who receive regular dental care:

  • Tend to live longer, healthier lives
  • Enjoy pain-free eating, chewing and playing
  • Have fresher breath (which means more up-close snuggles with you)

Give your pet the gift of clean teeth and a healthy mouth!  Schedule your COHAT checkup today (before it’s too late) and save some money at the same time!