Saying goodbye to a beloved friend is never easy. We understand this firsthand and want to help you through this difficult and emotional time in any way we can. We invite you to use this page to create a memorial to remember your pet and to share the special memories that you shared together with others. We also encourage you to reach out to our staff whenever you need support. We’ll get through this difficult time together.

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Maggsy & Mr. Peeko

Aug 21, 2018 by Chantelle Noble

9D23F7B2-77A8-43B1-980C-2CBD2B928CBB Maggsy Apr 8, 2001 – Feb 17, 2017

Mr. Peeko Apr 8, 2001 – May 9, 2018

She was a cuddler from day one. She was a sweet girl and loved her snuggles. The second you crawled under the covers at bedtime, there she was. Nestled right into your chest, resting a paw on your cheek and kisses on your nose. Purring herself and you into the sweetest of slumbers. He…was not. If you ever tried to pick him up and cuddle him, he’d have one paw pressed so hard against your chest with his face turned away fighting it with all his might.

I remember the first time Peeko got sick. Really sick with urine crystals. We were living in the middle of nowhere (Iqaluit, Nunavut) with no vet and he had to be flown out to Ottawa for an emergency 4 day stay. When he got home he was healthy-ish yet dishevelled. Not at all happy with the situation or with us – he wanted absolutely nothing to do with us. All I wanted to do was snuggle him and I couldn’t even get close to him. The vet said to just give it time. That night we went to bed as per usual. Just before falling asleep, a kitty hopped up onto the bed and I assumed it was Maggsy. But it was Peeko. He walked right up and onto me, laid right down on my chest and went straight to sleep. I just held him and cried. For the first time he cuddled! And cuddle he did…every single night thereafter.

From the time they were wee, he was always most comfortable when she was near. When Dr. Leslie performed their spay/neuter surgeries back in 2001, she said Peeko had been so squawky and wouldn’t settle until she put him in with his sister.

Maggsy kept him in check. She was the big sister and he was the runt of the litter; our little Bub. He was a total ham – personality plus! A ham who got sick many times. You name it, he had it. We were so close to losing him so many times. They say cats have nine lives…well he had about 17. We joke and say he stole her lives but knowing her, she likely gave them to him. She got sick once…and that was it.

Like I said, he was always most content when he was near her. I think he’d always kind of been looking for her ever since her passing last year, and now I take comfort in knowing he’s with her at the Bridge.

They were quite the pair. They made our hearts bigger and better, that’s for sure.

Dr. Williams was the very first vet to care for them and the continued interest from her and the office staff in their well being over the years has always been such a sweet gesture and very much appreciated. A top notch fur baby loving crew, indeed.??

Cody Bear

Aug 03, 2017 by Shannon

DSC_0195 My baby, my boyfriend, my best friend – I can certainly say that the relationship I had with my Cody Bear was unlike that of anyone else in my life.

He was taken from our family suddenly and unexpectedly, a little over a week after his 10th birthday. He was a youthful, healthy and handsome boy right up until the end, constantly being mistaken for a puppy. People in my life can attest to how much he meant to me, as I had him with me nearly everywhere I went. Loving him was as close as I’ve felt to being a parent, from taking him on play dates to calling home from work to ask how his poop was today!

I comfort myself in knowing that I loved and cared for him as much as I possibly could have, smothering him with kisses on a daily basis (among other things). And even though I did appreciate him for being such a wonderful dog while he was still with us, my realization of just how good he was has deepened tremendously since his passing.

He has left a gaping hole in my heart, and a permanent imprint on my soul. He was my first dog, and even though I doubt he will be my last, the life we shared will never be replicated.

Thank you, Cody, for being there for me always. You were more than I could have ever asked for in a soul mate.


Mar 24, 2016 by Christopher Van-Lane

Angel_Epitaph_March_24_2016 I had always considered myself a dog man, but Angel changed that.
Angel, a small Sphynx cat, was born in 2007. For most of her life, she had belonged to my aunt Johanna, who lived in Toronto. But when Aunt Jo was incapacitated by a stroke in January 2015, she required a move to nursing care and could no longer keep her pets. Aunt Jo’s dog, a 10-year-old teacup poodle named Casper, who was Angel’s playmate, went to live with my cousin. And Angel came to live with me.
Within days, Angel won my heart. In contrast to the aloofness shown by many cats, Angel was notably affectionate and eager for human contact. She loved to snuggle, either in my bed or in the terry-cloth robe I wore on cold nights. Many was the night when Angel and I would recline in the TV room, I in my easy chair and Angel nestled against me in the folds of my robe. And many was the morning when I would cuddle and stroke Angel as she nuzzled me in my bed. If I had a sleepless night, Angel would lie against me and rub her face against mine, as if trying to comfort me. I used to love to give her drinks from the tap, which she would lap eagerly as she perched her hindquarters on the edge of the vanity. And she was a fastidiously clean cat, unfailingly using her litter box even when she was feeling unwell. My feeding her and cleaning up after her became a labour of love. In the year we spent together, she became my closest companion and a fount of unconditional acceptance. She became my baby.
She could be difficult and demanding at times, bawling at length if we didn’t give her what she wanted, which wasn’t always easy to discern. I would have to put her out of my room in the mornings if she started making noise. She was an awesome climber, and jumped atop even the highest shelves and pieces of furniture with alarming ease. I would then have to retrieve her. She considered me her pet, and sometimes I would have to show her who was boss. Nor did she travel well, crying from beginning to end of a car trip. Yet, for all that, Angel was still my baby. I loved her as I would my child.
At the end of 2015, Angel was diagnosed with intermediate-stage periodontal disease. On February 17, 2016, she underwent a dental cleaning and surgery at Armitage Animal Clinic. She seemed to recover well at first, but then, on February 21, she suddenly collapsed in agony. We assumed it was just postoperative distress, but then Dr. Williams unmasked a devastating diagnosis: Angel was suffering from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a serious congenital heart condition. There was no hope of recovery.
The consequence was inevitable. On the evening of February 25, accompanied by my parents, I wept and held Angel in my arms as Dr. Williams administered the fatal shot. As the life left her body, Angel slept away peacefully. But I was desolate. Angel had become my baby. And now my baby was gone.
I would like to thank Dr. Leslie Williams and the staff at Armitage Animal Clinic for their loving care of Angel. I lost her far too soon, but I am grateful to Dr. Williams and the staff at Armitage for helping to ensure that as she left this life, Angel was surrounded by love.
Goodbye, my Angel.


Jan 05, 2016 by Cheryl Coplevitch

IMG_0004 Bently, affectionately called BB passed away November 2, 2015 aged 14½. Bently got along splendidly with other dogs; he truly loved people, especially children. When he sensed someone was afraid of him or didn’t want to pet him he tried extremely hard to win them over and always succeeded. Bently possessed an extremely calm temperament, was very patient and beloved by all who were fortunate to have known him.

Bently was our constant companion for 14 ½ years, we took him wherever we could; be it Montreal to visit family or to work, he loved both the car and being the centre of attention wherever he was. Bently was always excited when he sensed the proximity of a Tim Horton’s drive-through for a Tim Bit.

Bently was an extraordinarily empathetic soul who brought infinite joy and warmth when visiting relatives at hospitals or care facilities. And while we think of him as ours he really belonged to all whose lives he touched and eternally enriched. We miss him terribly; he will be forever in our hearts.

Thanks to Dr. Williams and the staff of Armitage Veterinary Clinic for all their compassion and support throughout Bently’s life.


Oct 30, 2015 by Peggy McChesney

Tux When we lost Razz we thought a smaller dog would be nice, maybe around 20 pounds. What we found was a beautiful puppy who would only be around 10 pounds at most. You fall in love with a puppy and plans change – we named our baby Tuxedo Royale.

Tux was shy and not too friendly with strangers although he loved other dogs and got along well with them and a small group of ‘his’ people. He loved to cuddle, barked to let you know that ‘strangers’ were around but went to sleep in my arms when I picked him up. Having done his duty, he left ongoing monitor of the ‘stranger’ to us. He was only with us for 8 short years, we lost him in Dec 2014, and we miss him every day.


Oct 30, 2015 by Peggy McChesney

Razz Razz was my husbands first puppy and was a loving, though stubborn dog from the very beginning. He loved everyone and was friendly with even the crankiest dog. We took him to training at 6 months for the socialization and to help us learn to out-stubborn him and the trainer would place him in line between puppies that were getting a little too aggressive. They knew that Razz would diffuse the situation. And he did.

Razz had a puppy-like enthusiasm all his life although as he got older the ‘puppy’ came in shorter bursts and he had to have a little sleep more frequently. Razz went to the Rainbow Bridge between Christmas and New Years less than a month before his 16th birthday. Picture shows Razz with his new brother Mason in 2002.


Sep 14, 2015 by Michelle Bobechko

IMG_3529 Our sweet little Mollie. Born in 2003 we were both excited and apprehensive with bringing a second large fur baby into our home only months after having our first child! Dear Mollie warmed our hearts the moment we saw her and she was inseparable from Toby, our big Aussie 1 yr old pup at the time! Mollie had a nose for adventure and a darling personality that won everyone who came to visit. She was known for taking socks, shoes and slippers as she greeted everyone at the door, then hiding them behind a chair and returning with a favourite toy she knew she could have. Mollie was a true golden who chased tennis balls, loved snuggles and refused to share her toys with Toby! She also enjoyed playing with our three kids and keeping a watchful eye on them in each stage from infant to toddler to young princesses and warrior. Mollie was and still is our angel, now playing with Toby & Cali (our Calico) in a better place where they are no longer in pain. Thank you Dr. Williams, Cheryl, Christina and Kristen for being you. With your guidance and love you helped us give our fur babies years of enjoyment, comfort and health. I consider you all part of our family and am thankful for your wisdom, kindness and sincere understanding from beginning to those heart breaking good-byes. Hugs & Love Always


Sep 14, 2015 by Michelle Bobechko

IMG_3538 Toby made us laugh from the day we took him home in 2002 through until our final day with him on June 11th, 2015. He had strong herding instincts and used them to keep us together as much as he could. His keen eye gave us comfort and entertainment as he watched & played with our three kids from the day we took them home from the hospital. Toby was our second fur baby after we married 14 yrs ago and lost our beloved Corky. Toby was energetic from day 1 and true to his breed, smart, a little cocky and loved his human family unconditionally. We will never forget his amazing personality, youthfulness, softest dog we’ve ever known and ability to hip check! He will be forever missed and loved.


May 22, 2015 by Marie DeWitt

Tabitha4 Tabitha March 1996 – May 2015. My Girlie gave me 19 years of friendship. Always looking for a lap to sit in, always ready for a chit chat in cat speak, and always there when I needed comfort. She put up a fight but her tired body said it was time. My “Baba” purred til the end. Many thanks to Dr. Leslie and her staff…wish I had found you guys earlier!

Moppitt Young

May 03, 2015 by Julia Young and Paul Mellor

DSC00352II Moppitt ” The Little Man” Born October 24,2001 died December 8, 2014. He was my best friend and extremely loyal. He had a gentle, kind old soul and was forever curious as to what we were always doing around the house, his domain, his kingdom. We miss him terribly. He will forever be in our thoughts and hearts.Thank you to Dr. Leslie and to the ladies that were always there for Moppitt and ourselves, in the good and the tough times. We appreciated your time, experience and knowledge.

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