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6 Ways To Keep Your Cat Happy

September 1 2019

September is Happy, Healthy Cat Month. Of course, for us, every month is Happy, Healthy Cat Month. However, we’re still happy to promote good kitty care! Cats are wonderful pets and companions, and they truly deserve to be comfortable and content. We all know what Fluffy’s most essential needs are: food, water, veterinary care, and a clean litterbox. Our feline pals do need a bit more TLC than that, though. In this article from Armitage Animal Hospital, a Newmarket, ON vet discusses keeping kitties healthy and purring.

Good Food

Feed Fluffy the best food you can afford, one that is appropriate for her age and lifestyle. Treats are fine, but don’t let your kitty cajole you into overfeeding her. If your pet becomes obese, she’ll face some very serious health risks!


Cats are very clean, which is one of the many reasons they make such wonderful pets. Keep Fluffy’s purrsonal powder room clean with daily scooping. Location is also important. Put the litterbox in a private, well-ventilated spot that is easy for your kitty to access.


Kitties are super cute when they are feeling playful! Provide your furball with a variety of cute toys to bat under the couch. Change your cat’s things out regularly to keep things fresh and fun for her. It’s also important to play with your furry buddy daily.


Playing is great for Fluffy, both physically and mentally. However, your kitty will also need other forms of entertainment. Offer your cat a comfy window seat, and set out some pet-safe plants for her to sniff at and nibble on. You’ll find a list of suggestions at the ASPCA site here .

Pet Furniture

Your feline buddy will really appreciate having some pieces of pet furniture, and at least one scratching post. Cat towers are purrfect options! Your furball will also enjoy having lots of comfy napping spots. To satisfy Fluffy’s natural inclination for investigating and exploring, offer her paper grocery bags, cardboard boxes, and newspaper tunnels.


Fluffy needs to feel loved to truly be content. Pay lots of attention to your cat! Talk to her, pet her, and offer her lap space, love, and cuddles. These things will all keep that little motor going.

Please contact us at Armitage Animal Hospital, anytime. As your Newmarket, ON vet, we’re completely dedicated to keeping cats happy and healthy!