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Autumn Care for Senior Dogs

September 16 2020

Autumn is just about here. This is a beautiful time of year! Even those who hate winter often appreciate fall’s beautiful foliage and crisp air. Of course, autumn does bring its own concerns for pet owners, just as every other season does. If you have a senior dog, you’ll definitely want to show your canine buddy some extra TLC. In this article from Armitage Animal Clinic a Newmarket, ON vet offers some tips on getting Fido ready for winter. 


Does your four-legged friend have thin fur? If so, he’ll need some sweaters for those frigid days. Go through Fido’s wardrobe, and make sure everything is clean, free of holes, and still fits. 


A warm comfy bed is an absolute must for older dogs. Orthopedic beds are great options for senior pets. Some pooches may appreciate a thermal blanket or heated bed. 


Temps can change quickly at this time of year. This can be tough on older dogs, as they are quite sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Try not to take Fido from warm to cold temperature zones too quickly or too often. 


Many dogs don’t get bathed as much in winter as they do in summer. Give Fido a good bath before the snow hits, or take him to the salon. If you clip your pup in summer, start letting his coat grow in. 


Older pets often get stiff and sore when the weather changes. Supplements and/or medicine may help with this. Fish oil, for instance, can help lubricate stiff joints. Ask your vet for recommendations.


The same seasonal hazards apply to older dogs as to puppies. Chemicals are a big concern, as many people prep their gardens and fill their vehicles with antifreeze in autumn. You’ll also want to be careful of mushrooms, autumn foliage, and, of course, wild animals. (Halloween and Thanksgiving also bring hazards, such as decorations, food, and candles, but that’s another topic.)


When the leave starts to change, you know the stores are about to fill up with pumpkin-flavored everything. Let your cute pet enjoy a seasonal treat! Mix some natural peanut butter with pureed pumpkin, whole-wheat flour, and an egg. Cook at 175C for 25-30 minutes, and let harden. You and your furry friend can enjoy these together! 

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