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Managing Your Puppy's Chewing Stage

February 15 2021

Puppies are, without a doubt, one of life’s best gifts. Their cheerful smooches, clumsy antics, and happy tail wags truly do fill our lives with joy. Of course, little Fido also fills our lives with mischief. One thing you may find yourself dealing with when you adopt a young dog is chewing. In this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, a Newmarket, ON vet offers advice on managing inappropriate chewing.


Done properly, petproofing serves three purposes. One, it will make your canine buddy focus on appropriate chew toys. It will also help keep him safe, as dogs can get very sick by chewing things they shouldn’t. Finally, it protects your valuables. No one wants their pet chewing a $1000 phone! Put away anything little Fido shouldn’t chew. This includes things like toxic plants, plastic bags, wires and cords, shoes, medicines, chemicals, and anything small or sharp.

Taste Deterrents

You can use taste deterrents on things like furniture legs and power cords. However, this isn’t a one-and-done option. You’ll need to reapply the products daily for about 2-4 weeks. Ask your vet for more information. 


Make sure your little Fido has lots of appropriate chew toys. Your furry friend should have a variety of chew sticks and toys. (Tip: Kong toys are great, as you can fill them with things like natural peanut butter, which will keep puppies occupied.) However, don’t give your furry friend bones, particularly cooked ones. They get very brittle, and can snap into small shards, which is very dangerous. Other types of chews, such as pigs’ ears or rawhide, are also unsafe for aggressive chewers. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Don’t Confuse Fido

It may seem like a good idea to give little Fido an old shoe or magazine to chew on, but that would actually be a mistake. Your pooch won’t know the difference between an unwanted shoe and your favorite pair of sneakers. Be consistent when setting guidelines about what he can and cannot chew.

Be Neat

Some dogs chew things like dirty clothes, trash, and personal hygiene products. Keep laundry in hampers, and use trashcans with lids.


Training is also important. Pet and praise little Fido for chewing properly and (verbally) reprimand him when he doesn’t. Be consistent and patient!

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