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Celebrating National Pet Week

May 1 2021

National Pet Week starts May 2nd! We love seeing all the new holidays and observance days that honor and celebrate our animal companions. Pets really do complete our lives. They offer friendship, companionship, and unconditional love, and only ask for food, shelter, and ear scritches. In this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, a Newmarket, ON vet lists some great ways to celebrate National Pet Week.

P  hoto Session

We know, many of you probably already have dozens of cute pet photos on your phones and computers. However, you can just never have too many pics of your furry best friend! Instead of snapping a random candid shot, try to get some really outstanding shots. The average smartphones now have great cameras. Experiment with different settings and editing effects.

New Toys

No surprises here. Buy or make your little buddy a new toy, and indulge them in a fun play session. You don’t even have to go to the pet store. Online retailers have loads of great options.

Bedding Upgrade

Could your cat use a second or even third kitty bed? Go for it! Has Fido’s doggy bed gotten worn down to the point where it’s just a few pieces of fabric and some thin padding? This is a perfect time for an upgrade.

Veterinary Appointment

We know, given the option, most of our patients would probably prefer pretty much anything else on the list. However, our animal friends look and feel better with regular exams and wellness care. If your pet hasn’t been in for a while, make an appointment.

Arts And Crafts

Are you a creative type? Do you have little ones at home? There are lots of great DIY projects you can make your pet, from beds to toys to treat jars. While some of these—like building Fido a pallet bed from scratch—may be labor intensive, others will only take a few minutes. Look online for ideas and instructions.


Treats are always a safe bet for honoring pet holidays. Get your furry friend something special! Just stick with safe options. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Spend some extra time with your pet this week. Take Fido to a park you’ve never gone to before, or indulge Fluffy with some extra play sessions.

Here at Armitage Animal Clinic, your Newmarket, ON vet clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Call us anytime!