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Hug Your Cat Day

June 1 2021

There’s a pretty cute pet holiday coming up. June 4th is Hug Your Cat Day! Our feline pals are definitely very cuddly, and they deserve to be hugged every day.  In this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, a Newmarket, ON vet discusses—you guessed it—hugging cats.

 Benefits Of Hugging Cats

Hugging your feline pal is just as good for you as it is for Fluffy. You’ll benefit from the stress relief and calming effect of kitty cuddles. You may also enjoy lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of stroke or heart attack. As for your feline pal, she’ll feel safe and loved, which is great for her mental and emotional health. In fact, when you snuggle with your cat, a special hormone, Oxytocin, or the Love Hormone, is released in both of you. This reinforces that happy, loved feeling you get when snuggling someone you love.

The Rules of Hugging Cats

Hugging kitties isn’t rocket science … unless perhaps Fluffy launches herself out of your arms. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. Hold your furball properly, so her weight is supported by her rump and back legs. Also, be very gentle when you put her down.

When Not To Hug Cats

Fluffy can be a bit temperamental. She may get super cuddly at night, but want nothing to do with you while she’s sitting at her favorite window, clattering at chipmunks. Let your kitty decide when hug time starts and stops. It may stop exactly 23 seconds after it starts, but that’s beside the point. Honor Her Furry Majesty’s wishes on this one.

Cats That Don’t Want Hugs

Kitties are all individuals. Like people, some are just friendlier than others. If Fluffy doesn’t much care to be held or cuddled, don’t force her. Get that motor going with treats, toys, catnip, and playtime instead.

Cats That Need Hugs

Not every cat has the option of turning down hugs from a loving owner. There are millions of cute, sweet furballs in shelters, who would love nothing more than to be hugged. If you have the room in your household and budget, consider adopting one. If not, you can still help by spreading awareness. Share a post about a cute kitty that needs a good home!

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