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National Make a Dog’s Day

October 15 2021

National Make a Dog’s Day is coming up on October 22nd. This is one pet holiday we are happy to join in on. Our canine pals have a rather adorable and remarkable way of getting excited over even small things. In this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, a Newmarket, ON vet lists some cute ways to get Fido’s tail going.


Playing is of course very fun for Fido, but it’s also very good for him, both physically and mentally. Pick up a new plaything for your pooch! If your furry best friend likes chasing after balls, sticks, or Frisbees, head outdoors and indulge in a fun autumn play date.


Store-bought treats are fine, but you can also make Fido a yummy snack. Pumpkin is the flavor of the month, and it’s actually great for dogs. If you want to make your canine companion a yummy treat, combine pureed pumpkin with natural peanut butter, whole-wheat flour, and an egg. Mix it into a batter, and then pour into a brownie pan or divide into small servings. About 20 minutes at 350F should do it, though you can of course add time if needed.


Walks should be a part of Fido’s daily doggy routine, even if he has a yard to chase squirrels around in. However, why not take advantage of fall’s gorgeous weather and treat your furry buddy to a special outing in a park or trail?

Play Date

Dogs are very loyal and loving, but they do really benefit from interacting with their own kind. If Fido is an only pooch, and gets along well with other dogs, set up a doggy playdate.

New Digs

Could your canine buddy use a new bed? Do you have a spot for a doghouse? These little luxuries can definitely brighten up Fido’s day.


Of course, the best thing you can do to make Fido’s day is to adopt him. If you’re considering getting a new pet, this is a perfect time for it! You can also spread the word about a cute adoptable pup.

Quality Time

One surefire way to score some tail wags? Just spend time with Fido! Dogs can form amazingly strong and beautiful bonds with their humans, but that friendship needs to be nurtured.

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