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Things To Ask Your Vet

January 3 2022

Happy New Year! Today, many of you are thinking about your plans for the coming year. One thing that should definitely be on your agenda is taking Fido to your vet. This is one area where a little preparation can make a huge difference. In this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, a Newmarket, ON veterinarian lists some things to ask your veterinarian.

Is This Behavior Normal?

Our canine buddies are full of cute quirks. However, some of these can actually be caused by medical issues. Don’t forget that your pet speaks a different ‘language’ than we do, both verbally and when it comes to body language. For instance, if your dog keeps shaking his head, he isn’t trying to say ‘No’: this could be a reaction to pain, perhaps from an ear infection. Talk to your vet about any new or unusual behavior you’ve noticed. 

Should I Adjust My Dog’s Diet?

Every pet is unique, and their diets should reflect that. Your canine pal’s diet will change over time. A Yorkie puppy is going to have very different needs than a senior Saint Bernard! Age isn’t the only factor that plays a role here, though. Breed and lifestyle are also things to consider, as is your pup’s health. You’ll also want to ask about supplements and treats.

How Are My Fido’s Teeth?

Dental care is just as important to dogs as it is to people. Just like us, Fido can develop some very painful problems. While many vets will check their patients’ teeth during routine exams, this isn’t a universal practice. If you aren’t sure, ask your furry friend’s doctor to check those choppers. (Keep in mind that the goal here isn’t a perfect, pearly-white smile: it’s to prevent or correct issues that can cause pain, infections, and/or difficulty chewing.)

Should I Consult A Behaviorist?

Fido looks at the world very differently than we do. He also has some instinctive behaviors that often don’t make sense to us humans until they’re explained. Things that are considered bad petiquette, like digging or chewing, are often tied into these instincts. For instance, some dogs act up to express their angst over being left alone. This is separation anxiety, which can be addressed through proper training.

Everyone here at Armitage Animal Clinic, your Newmarket, ON animal hospital, wishes you a wonderful new year. Please contact us anytime!