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6 Reasons To Adopt A Rescue Dog

May 17 2022

May 20th is Rescue Dog Day! This is one holiday that has the puparazzi literally jumping for joy. Rescue dogs can make absolutely wonderful pets. Unfortunately, many people still shy away from adopting them, often out of fear of behavioral issues. While we’re not saying all rescues are perfect, these lovable pooches could definitely use some PR. A local vet lists some pawesome reasons for adopting rescues in this article from Armitage Animal Hospital, your Newmarket, ON animal clinic.

A Rewarding Experience

One of the best reasons to adopt a rescue dog? It can be a very beautiful and rewarding experience to know that you’ve helped an animal in need. You may find that the first time your new canine buddy wags his tail at you, jumps up to greet you, or gives you an affectionate lick on the nose, your heart just completely melts.

Unconditional Love

Many rescue dogs really just want nothing more than for someone to love them and care for them. That’s it! You may be surprised at how much love and loyalty that kindness and TLC will earn you!

Everyone Needs A Second Chance

One reason that it’s so sad to hear about rescue dogs is just knowing that it’s never really the animal’s fault that they ended up in a bad situation. They’re also powerless when it comes to choosing their destinies. Understandably, many dogs are traumatized by negative experiences, and may need time to get over that fear. However, all most of them really need is time and love.

Find A Perfect Match

Rescue dogs are often quite timid, as pups with aggressive tendencies usually aren’t put up for adoption. However, as far as breed goes, they’re all over the place. That means you can look for any type of pooch you want!

Be The Change

You’ve likely heard that saying about being the change you want to see in the world. Adopting a rescue dog is a wonderful example of that! Even small acts of kindness can make a difference.

Set A Great Example

When you adopt a rescue dog, you’re advocating for all rescue dogs. This can be a wonderful inspiration to others. Who knows? Maybe you’ll inspire someone else to do the same thing!

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