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Breaking Mews: Fluffy's Most Recent Headlines

August 16 2022

Kitties really are quite remarkable little furballs, who have completely captured our hearts. They’ve also taken over some fairly sizable chunks of the internet. Given how funny, cute, and quirky our feline pals are, it’s not very surprising to find them making headlines fairly regularly. In this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, a Newmarket, ON veterinarian lists some of Fluffy’s most recent media mentions.

Google Takeover

In honor of International Cat Day, which was August 8th, tech giant Google put our feline overlords front and center. If you search Cat, Cats, or International Cat Day, you’ll see a kitty pawprint. Click it, and you’ll be treated to seeing several animated paws, accompanied by purrs and meows. Hit the ‘X’ to end the game and clear the screen. (Note: Fido has his own version as well.)


One of film’s most beloved cats has to be the orange tabby that Ripley saved in Aliens. As it turns out, that lucky kitty may have had more in common with the movie’s extraterrestrial monsters than we thought … at least as far as Poland is concerned. The European nation just declared our feline friends an “invasive alien species.” To make this rather unwanted designation, Fluffy had to fill just two criteria: she had to be non-native, and cause harm to either the environment or to humans. 

Fine Dining

Cat food giant Fancy Feast has taken the leap from feeding kitties to feeding humans. The pet food company recently announced the opening of a new restaurant, Gatto Bianca, in New York City. The restaurant features a gourmet menu that is based on both Italian food and the flavors featured in the brand’s Medleys line. Of course, if you want to put this on your wishlist, you’ll need to act fast. The pop-up restaurant will only be open for two days, August 11th and 12th, and will only accommodate 8 diners per night.


Sharing playlists has become pretty commonplace over the last few years, and it looks like this fad is spreading to our furry friends. You can create playlists just for Fluffy on Spotify! This sounds silly, but it may actually be a great way to keep your kitty amused when you’re out.

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