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Animal Pain Awareness

September 15 2023

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. When you adopt a kitty, you’re taking responsibility for Fluffy’s health and well-being. That means watching for and acting on any signs of illness or injury. Of course, spotting those red flags can be tricky with our feline buddies, as they naturally try to mask those signals. A local vet lists some things to look for in this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, your Newmarket, ON animal clinic.


Limping is one of the most visible and obvious red flags. If Fluffy only limps briefly, perhaps as she is getting up after one of her 43 daily naps, this could be a sign of arthritis. Ongoing limping points to injuries or more severe issues.


Some cats are just friendlier than others. If Fluffy is naturally timid, it probably won’t be too unusual to find her hiding in a closet or under the bed. However, if your feline friend is normally outgoing, but suddenly doesn’t want to leave her chosen hiding spot, something may be wrong.

Lack Of Appetite

Kitties are quite finicky. To be fair, Fluffy does have a reason for being so picky. In the wild, cats always eat their prey fresh, and will avoid anything that smells even a little off. In fact, they’ll go hungry before lowering their standards. That said, if your furry buddy doen’t approve of what’s in her dish, she should meow to demand something else. If she’s not interested in food at all, there may be something more going on.

Poor Grooming

Our feline pals are very cute, and they take care to look their best. Fluffy may spend up to a third of her waking time grooming herself. If your kitty isn’t feeling well, she may neglect her beauty care needs. If she does, it won’t take long before her coat starts to look greasy and matted.


Cats all have their own distinct ‘purrsonas’ and temperaments. If your normally-sweet kitty is suddenly hissing and growling, she may not feel well. Changes in Fluffy’s usual vocalizations and/or levels of affection can also be indications of pain.


These are just a few things to look for. Other warning signs of pain in kitties include vomiting, fever, lethargy, and respiratory issues, such as coughing or wheezing. Call your vet immediately if you notice any of these things.

Please contact Armitage Animal Clinic, your Newmarket, ON animal clinic, for your cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here for you!