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5 Things to Teach Your Puppy

July 15 2019

Have you recently gotten a new puppy? Your new pet is bound to fill your life with joy, love, and tail wags. That first year is a crucial time for little Fido. Your canine buddy has a lot to learn! In this article from Armitage Animal Hospital, a Newmarket, ON vet lists some things to teach your puppy.

Making Friends Is Fun

Socialization should definitely be one of the first things on your agenda. Exposing your puppy to new places and faces while he’s little will help him grow into a friendly, polite adult dog. This needs to be done while little Fido is still young: by the time he reaches about 3 months, the window of opportunity will close.


Housebreaking is, of course, one of the first things you’ll need to teach the little guy. Be patient and consistent! There are different methods you can try. However, no matter which training tactic you opt for, the key is to make sure you’re taking your puppy out often enough. As soon as he relieves himself outdoors, give him praise and treats.

Crate Training

Crates can be wonderful tools, as long as they’re used properly. The point is to make sure little Fido sees his crate as a comfy little den, somewhere he can go to feel safe. (Tip: buy a crate that will fit your pooch when he is grown: otherwise, you’ll be getting a new one soon.) Add bedding to the crate to make it cozy and inviting, and give your dog toys and treats in his crate to help him get used to it.

Basic Petiquette

All dogs should know basic commands, like Sit, Stay , Come , Heel , and Lay Down . Little Fido’s lessons should start right away! Work on one thing at a time, and don’t move on until your pet has mastered each command. Remember to reward your canine pal with snacks, attention, and compliments for doing well.

Grooming Habits

It’s much easier to teach a puppy to accept things like having his nails clipped and his teeth brushed than to try and convince a suspicious adult pooch to try it out. Get your little buddy started out on the right paw by doing these things from the start!

Please contact Armitage Animal Hospital, your Newmarket, ON pet clinic, for all your puppy’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!