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6 Ways to Prevent Doggy Boredom

August 1 2019

Did you know that boredom is often a factor in bad doggy behaviors? Fido is very smart, and can get quite restless with nothing to do. This often leads our canine pals right into mischief! Read on as a Sharon, ON vet offers tips on keeping your furry friend entertained.


Does your dog know basic commands, like Sit , Stay , Come , Heel , and Lay Down ? If not, you’ll want to work with your pup until he has these down. These simple commands are important for both safety and petiquette. Once Fido has mastered these, move on to advanced trailing or show him some cute tricks. Many dogs really enjoy learning!

Regular Walks

Those daily strolls are wonderful for Fido physically, and can help keep him fit and strong, especially as he ages. They’re also great for his mind! Your canine buddy can actually get quite a bit of information from sniffing the neighbor’s yard. This is almost like a doggy version of reading a newspaper.


Walks are great, but if you always take Fido down the same route, he could probably benefit from a change of scenery. Take advantage of the warm weather and bring your furry companion to a pet-friendly park or trail system. The sunshine and fresh air will be good for both of you!


Making sure your canine friend has plenty of toys is very important! Puzzle toys are great, as they can keep dogs occupied for quite a while. Offer your pup a variety of fun toys. Change Fido’s playthings out frequently to keep things fun and fresh for him.


Your furry best friend is never happier than when he is spending time with you. Take time to play with your pet every day. This is bound to put a smile on your face as well. After all, there are few things cuter than a frisky pooch hard at play!


Dogs are very loyal companions, but they can’t go everywhere with us. When you leave Fido at home, keep a TV or radio playing for him. The background noise will comfort your pet and offer him some mental stimulation. Your pup may also appreciate having a window to look out of.

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