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Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

January 15 2020

There’s a very special kitty holiday coming up. January 22 nd is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! Our feline pals are notorious for being curious … if not downright nosy. Therefore, it makes purrfect sense for there to be a holiday dedicated specifically to Fluffy’s inquisitive streak. In this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, a local Newmarket, ON vet lists some things your furball wants to know right meow .

Why Do You Keep Letting The Dog Back In?

Although dogs and cats can, in some circumstances, become best buds, it’s not unusual for them to be a bit jealous and perplexed about one another. As far as Fluffy is concerned, Fido is an uncouth heathen who refuses to use a litterbox and will eat just about anything.

Why Are You Sleeping? I’m Hungry!

Every morning, kitties all over the world nudge their humans awake … not for attention, but for breakfast. First breakfast, anyway. Second, third, and fourth breakfasts all come later.

Why Are You Petting Me?

Kitties are very purrticular about getting attention. If you try to pet or cuddle your feline friend when she isn’t in the mood, she may give a little meow of protest before walking away.

Why Did You Stop Petting Me?

On the other hand, there are also kitties that want attention 24/7. If your pet is a furry little cuddlebug, she may give you an adorable affronted look when you stop petting her.

Why Can’t I Go Out?

Although our feline buddies love fun outdoor kitty sports, like catching butterflies and leaving paw prints on your car, they’re really much better off staying inside, where they’re protected from things like cars, weather, and other kitties. Of course, Fluffy may not see it that way.

Why Can’t I Catch That Red Dot?

Cats are always cute, but they are extra adorable when they are trying to catch that elusive red spot. Take time to play with Fluffy every day!

Why Do I Have To Go In The Car?

It’s no secret that cats aren’t particularly fond of car rides. In fact, most of our feline patients are much more upset about the trip to the clinic than the appointment itself. Sorry, Fluffy: coming to see us is in your own best interests!

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