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Hug Your Dog Day

April 1 2020

There’s a pretty special doggy holiday around the corner. April 10 th is Hug Your Dog Day! Many of our canine buddies love to cuddle with their owners. In this article from Armitage Animal Hospital, a local Newmarket, ON vet offers a few tips on hugging your four-legged friend.

Benefits Of Hugging

There are some truly amazing benefits to hugging your canine pal. When you cuddle your pet, a hormone called oxytocin is released in both of you. This is also called the Love hormone or the Cuddle hormone. Its release helps promote the feeling of being loved, and will also strengthen the feelings of love between you.


It’s always much more pleasant hugging a clean, fresh smelling pooch than a stinky pup. Keep up with Fido’s grooming needs!

Dogs That Need Hugs

Unfortunately, not all dogs have someone to love and hug them. Shelters are packed with pooches that are desperately hoping to get adopted. If you have the time, money, and space, consider adopting a dog. Or, if adoption isn’t right for you just now, look into volunteering or even fostering. Even sharing posts on social media can help!


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that many of our canine companions absolutely love cuddling up with their owners. Man’s Best Friend can be very affectionate! However, you should never hug a strange dog. Dogs don’t think of hugs the same way we do. In fact, hugs roughly translate into a sign of domination in doggy language. This can make some pups quite uneasy, and has been the cause of more than one bite. It’s generally best to be very careful around strange dogs. Let Fido sniff your hand first, and ask his owner or handler before petting him. It’s also worth your while to do some research into dogs’ body language, and know the warning signs that a pup feels uncomfortable.

Alternatives To Hugs

Hugs aren’t the only way to make Fido feel loved and get his cute tail wagging. Treats, toys, and belly rubs will also work. Of course, it’s also important just to spend time with your furry best friend. Walks, playtime, and just quiet hangout time will all help strengthen that special bond between you and your dog.

Please reach out to us here at Armitage Animal Hospital, your Newmarket, ON pet hospital, anytime. We’re here to help!