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Answer Your Dog’s Questions

May 1 2020

Here at Armitage Animal Clinic, we like to track pet holidays, both the silly ones, like Cat World Domination Day, and the more serious ones, like Lost Dog Awareness Day. One of the cuter kitty ones is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, which is in January. But what about Fido? If your canine companion could voice his questions, what do you think he’d want to know about? In this article, a Newmarket, ON vet lists a few things we suspect dogs are trying to figure out.

Why Can’t I Eat That?

Dogs are very, very enthusiastic about food. In fact, if Fido had only one question, it may very well be something pertaining to snacks. Just be careful with what you feed your pup. Many of our favorite things are toxic to dogs! Of course, Man’s Best Friend has also been known to eat things that aren’t food. That’s a whole other problem!

Why Do I Have To Take Baths?

Although we suspect that many dogs actually like feeling fresh and clean, they aren’t particularly enthusiastic about the process it takes to get them there. (Sorry, Fido: it’s for your own good!)

Why Is There A Monster In The Closet?

Our canine pals are often quite protective of us. Fido may valiantly try to scare the vacuum cleaner away … by barking at it.

What’s Wrong With The Cat?

To be fair, kitties can be a bit purrplexing. We may never figure out all of Fluffy’s adorable quirks. Dogs often find their feline roommates extremely puzzling. After all, cats clean themselves voluntarily, don’t like bacon, and hate car rides. This is all quite confusing to Fido!

What’s That Weird Magic Box?

Fido is very smart, but he doesn’t understand the world in the same way we do. Your pooch may very well be curious about the TV, and why it makes noise and changes colors.

Am I A Good Boy?

One of the many wonderful things about dogs is the fact that they really do try to please their owners. Fido has gone above and beyond to help his human friends, and is always appreciative of praise. Be sure to reward your furry best friend with treats, affection, and compliments when he is being good!

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