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Calming a Nervous Cat

May 15 2020

Do you have a scaredy-cat on your hands? Kitties all have their own unique personalities. While some are bold and fearless, others are quite timid. In this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, a Newmarket, ON vet discusses caring for shy cats.


One way to help Fluffy calm down is to burn off her excess energy. How do you do that? Playtime! Spend a few minutes a day holding a laser pointer or wand toy for your furry pal to chase. This will give your cat a healthy, appropriate way to vent and blow off steam. Plus, landing those tough run/jump/pounce combos is a great way to help kitties build confidence.


Fluffy is definitely a creature of habit, and tends to thrive on a set schedule. Try to keep your furry buddy on a steady routine for meal, playtime, and cuddle sessions.

Hiding Spots

Cats are quite small, and often feel safest in small spaces. (This may be part of the reason kitties are so obsessed with boxes.) Nervous cats often hightail it for their favorite hiding spots whenever something frightens them. Make sure your furball has lots of spots to retreat to. Pet tints, kitty condos, and even paper bags or boxes are all fine. If you have a dog, and Fido is bullying Fluffy, offer her some vertical space, such as a cat tower.

Kitty Comforts

Loneliness can be a major source of stress for our feline buddies. If your kitty stays home alone while you go to work, take steps to make sure she is comfortable and entertained. Turn a light on if you’ll be out after dark, and leave a TV or radio playing softly.

Kitty-Calming Products

If Fluffy is extremely nervous, ask your vet about using kitty calming products, such as treats and sprays. These can help soothe anxious pets.

Purrs And Love

Your feline friend will be happiest if she knows she is loved and cared for. This may take time, especially if Fluffy was rescued from a bad situation. Don’t give up! Offer your cat lots of toys and treats, as well as kitty luxuries like soft beds and scratching posts. It’s also important to just pay attention to your cute pet!

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