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Tips for Adopting a Senior Pet

November 1 2020

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! Senior pets make wonderful animal companions. Unfortunately, they have a hard time getting adopted, as they are so often passed over in favor of puppies and kittens. If you’re considering giving a sweet dog or cat a great retirement, read on! In this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, a Newmarket, ON veterinarian offers some tips on adopting an older cat or dog. 

Understand The Benefits

There are some wonderful advantages to getting a dog or cat in their golden years. They’re typically very sweet and calm, don’t need a lot of exercise or entertainment, and are often super cuddly. Older pets are also usually already fixed and trained, and have outgrown bad habits like eating your shoes or digging up the garden. 

Consider The Household

Senior pets spend most of their time sleeping, and often prefer calm, peaceful environments. If you have youthful, more rambunctious pets, you may need to give them extra playtime, so your older dog or cat can sleep peacefully. 

Make A Commitment

Dogs and cats are very emotional, and form very strong bonds with their humans. Understandably, older pets are often very scared and saddened by their shelter experiences. Some were separated from their beloved owners due to sad circumstances, while others have been cruelly abandoned … sometimes after years of devotion. It’s absolutely heartbreaking when an older pet is adopted, only to be returned to the shelter. Make sure you’re ready to commit to your new buddy! 

Give Your Pet Time 

Getting a new home is a big change for Fluffy and Fido. Your furry pal may be a bit nervous and timid at first. They may also sleep a lot as they recuperate from the ordeal of being in a shelter. Give your pet time to relax and settle in, and don’t force attention on them. Set down house rules, such as staying off counters and sofas, in a firm but gentle way. 

Focus On Comfort

With older pets, you’ll want to focus more on keeping them comfortable, and less on entertainment. Soft beds, pet ramps, elevated dishes, and nightlights are all small things that can help give your new buddy a wonderful retirement. Ask your vet for specific care tips.

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