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Caring for a Deaf Pet

November 15 2020

Did you know that as many as percent 10 of dogs are hearing impaired? Kitties can also be afflicted with hearing issues. Some of our furry pals are completely deaf, while others just don’t hear well. Fido and Fluffy can still be quite happy and healthy, even if their cute ears don’t work very well. In this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, your local Newmarket, ON vet discusses caring for deaf pets. 


Did you know that pets can be trained to obey visual signals instead of vocal commands? Fido can learn doggy sign language orders for things like Sit, Stay, and Come. You may be able to teach your four-legged friend to come when you flicker a light. This can be very helpful when calling your pet after dark. 


If you have a dog, keep Fido to the outside when you are walking him, and walk towards oncoming traffic. Your canine pal won’t hear cars approaching, so at least this way he can see them. It’s also important to keep your pet leashed at all times when you take him off your property. Cats should be kept indoors, where they are protected from traffic, wild animals, and other hazards. 


You may want to put a bell on your little buddy’s collar. This can help you monitor their whereabouts, as they won’t hear you calling them. 

Sneak Attack

Animals that can’t hear well often share a common pet peeve: they hate being startled. Before approaching your pet, stamp your foot to get their attention. 


Pets sometimes get scared and confused when they wake up and realize they’re alone. Try not to leave while your furry friend is snoozing. 

Low Note

If your pet has still retained some hearing, they may be able to hear notes on low registers. If you have an old piano, strike a note in one of the lower octaves and see if they respond. If so, you may be able to train them to respond to certain notes.


Before having people over, be sure to inform your guests that your four-legged friend can’t hear. You may want to put a little sign on Fido. As for Fluffy, you may want to keep her in a quiet, comfy area when you have visitors.

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