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Fido's ID tags

April 1 2022

April 2nd is Every Day is Tag Day! Tags may be small, but they are extremely important. While we definitely recommend microchipping, they are still the easiest way for someone to connect you and your pup. They are also required by law in many places. And, If Fido is ever lost, this could make a huge difference! In this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, an East Gwillimbury vet goes over some information on this small but critical tool.


The numbers on lost pets are very sobering. As many as one in three of our canine pals will get lost at some point during their lives! Even the best dog can run off if they get spooked or a gate is left open!

Customizing Tags

The most important thing to put on Fido’s tag is your contact information. It’s also a good idea to offer a reward for his return. Even the promise of a small sum of money can make a huge difference! (It may be cute that you officially named your pup Mr. Fluffy Flooferpants The 4th or His Royal Barkness, Fido The Magnificent, but the name he knows is more useful here.) 

GPS Tags

GPS collars are becoming very popular. This is a wonderful technology. We’re happy to see anything come out that can help keep our patients from getting lost! There are already quite a few products out there. Some of these do require subscriptions, but these also tend to offer the best coverage. You may find the cost well worth the peace of mind! There are others that don’t require subscriptions. These may work in tandem with invisible fences or with your home wifi. Do plenty of research, read reviews, and ask your vet for recommendations.


One concern with collars is that there is a chance of them getting caught on something, which could be a choking hazard. If this is something that you’re worried about, you may want to look into breakaway collars. Of course, that only exemplifies the need for microchips: if Fido’s collar breaks off, he won’t have his tags, either! If your furry buddy loves to run off, you may want to get him a light-up collar or harness; this will make him easier to spot at night.

Do you need to schedule microchipping for your pet? Contact Armitage Animal Clinic, your East Gwillimbury animal clinic, today!

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