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Easter With Puppies

April 15 2022

Easter is just a few days off! Is a new puppy joining your household this year? If so, keep a camera handy. That adorable toddler stage goes by way too fast! Of course, that adorable toddler stage can also be a tricky time. Little Fido will want to investigate, eat, and play with, well, everything. That can be dangerous! A veterinarian discusses Easter puppy care in this article from Armitage Animal Hospital, your Newmarket, ON animal clinic.

Decorate Carefully

Easter baskets and decorations can present several hazards to a curious little dog. That plastic grass, for instance, is a serious choking hazard, and can cause intestinal injuries if ingested. Little Fido could also hurt himself on smaller items, like plastic eggs. Keep anything potentially dangerous out of paws’ reach!

Choose Safe Flowers

Easter lilies are an iconic flower for the spring holiday. Unfortunately, they are extremely poisonous to pets. Several other bulbed flowers, including irises, tulips, and daffodils, are also unsafe, as are hyacinths, azaleas, and oleanders. Check the ASPCA site here for a full list of toxic and nontoxic plants.

Stick With Safe Treats

It’s fine to make your furry buddy a special holiday dish, but stick to things that you know are safe. (Plain, cooked meat, fish, or poultry, with no skin, bones, or fat, is a good bet.) Don’t give little Fido any chocolate! Chocolate is toxic to dogs, and can be fatal at just one once per pound of body weight. Smaller candies are also dangerous, as are candy wrappers. Ask your vet for more information.


Socialization is absolutely crucial to young pups. Having people give your four-legged pal toys, treats, and attention will help teach him to be friendly and accepting. However, puppies can get overwhelmed by too much commotion. Keep a close eye on little Fido, and look for signs that he is feeling nervous, such as licking the lips or tucking the tail. If you see any of these, give him a break and let him relax in a quiet spot for a while.

Tail Wags

Now for the fun part. Make the day special for little Fido! Pick him up an Easter-themed toy, and snap some cute photos of him in bunny ears. Toys, treats, and playtime are also in order.

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