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Cuddle Up Day

January 1 2023

January 6th may be the first major pet holiday of the year: it’s Cuddle Up Day! If there is one thing that makes our animal companions special, it’s the way they provide unconditional love and friendship, which is often expressed through cuddles. In this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, your Newmarket, ON animal clinic, a local vet discusses—you guessed it—cuddling pets.

Cuddliest Pets

Pets all have their own purrsonalities, and some are just naturally cuddlier than others. That said, breed does seem to be a factor. For instance, many toy breeds, such as Pomeranians, are super cuddly by nature, as they were bred to be companion dogs. Many kitties are also little love bugs! Ragdolls, Persians, and Maine Coons are purrticularly loveable.

Benefits Of Cuddling

Did you know that cuddling pets is actually good for us? When you snuggle Fluffy or Fido, a special hormone, Oxytocin, or the Love Hormone, is released in you both. This reinforces feeling loved, safe, and cozy, which is important for both people and pets. Cuddling pets can also help us emotionally. Pets are a wonderful source of comfort, love, and support, which is great for anyone battling depression, loneliness, or PTSD.

Do’s And Don’ts

Cuddling pets isn’t rocket science, but there are a few things to consider. The first thing is that you should never force attention on a pet that doesn’t seem comfortable with it. That may just frighten them, which will have the opposite effect than what you’re probably wanting. Some pets will only tolerate being held or petted for a few minutes. That’s perfectly fine! When Fluffy or Fido decide they’ve had enough, just let them go.


Puppies and kittens are extra cute and cuddly. That’s actually very beneficial! Letting puppies and kittens get used to being petted and handled while they are still little can go a long way towards socializing them. Just watch for signs that your furry pal is feeling uncomfortable.

Pets That Need Cuddles

The start of a new year is always a good time to think about priorities, and look at ways to enrich our own lives. Getting involved with animal charities may tick both of those boxes! Consider helping out by donating, volunteering, or even fostering.

All of us here at Armitage Animal Clinic, your Newmarket, ON animal clinic, wish you a wonderful new year. Feel free to contact us anytime!