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Cat Myths Debunked

January 15 2023

You’ve likely heard the old saying about cats having nine lives. This of course isn’t true, though some of Fluffy’s daredevil antics may make you wonder. There are actually quite a lot of misconceptions about our feline pals. In this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, your Newmarket, ON animal clinic, a local vet debunks a few rumors about kitties.

They Hate Water

To be fair, the majority of our feline pals don’t like getting wet. This may be because wet cat fur gives off a distinct odor, which can attract predators. Or maybe Fluffy just knows she looks a bit silly with drenched fur. However, some furballs did not get this memo. The Siamese, Burmese, and Turkish Van are a few kitties that actually like swimming.

Fluffy Only Purrs When She’s Happy

As anyone with a feline buddy of their own knows, kitties often do start their motors when they’re snuggling with their humans. However, Fluffy also sometimes purrs when she is sick or scared. This is very likely a way for her to soothe herself.

Kitties See In The Dark

Fluffy’s eyes are one of her most striking features. The way they reflect light in the dark is quite captivating. However, your pet doesn’t have visual superpowers. While kitties can see better in low light than we do, humans have clearer vision overall. Cats also don’t see color as vividly as we do.

They Steal Babies’ Breath

It’s not hard to see where this misconception came from. Cats love to snuggle their humans, even the littlest ones. Infants are at risk of being crushed, simply because they may not be strong enough to push a cuddly cat off them. There’s no need to rehome Fluffy, though: just get a crib cover.

They Always Land On Their Feet

Kitties are very lithe and flexible, and they sometimes are able to twist in midair. However, they’re by no means safe from injuries sustained in falls. In fact, these types of injuries have a specific name: high rise syndrome.

They Can Teleport

Have you ever thought your feline pal was in one spot, only to find her somewhere else? Fluffy is suspiciously good at moving from one room to another. However, this is because of stealth, not space-time manipulation. (At least, we think it is.)

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