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How To Speak Meow

June 1 2023

Are you planning to adopt a kitty soon? Our feline pals are all very different, not just in appearance and purrsonality, but also in vocalization. Some cats are furry little chatterboxes, while others just don’t have much to say at all. A local vet discusses communicating with Fluffy in this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, your Newmarket, ON animal clinic.

The History Of Meowpulation

Here’s an interesting fact: kitties may have started meowing just to boss us around. Cats rarely ‘speak’ to one another: they usually make their points using facial expression and body language. So why did Fluffy start talking to us? She probably figured out that making cute little mewling sounds that just happen to sound like human infants is a pretty good way to score food, shelter, and lap space.

Fluffy’s Chatter

Breed may play a role in how talkative your furball is … or isn’t. Some breeds, such as the Siamese and Maine Coon, tend to be very vocal. Others, such as the Ragdoll, are more quiet. Individual kitty purrsonalities also play a role here. 

Quiet Furball? 

Some cats just don’t have much to say. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to Fluffy, though. She’ll still appreciate the attention, even if she mostly just listens. She may also respond in other ways. For instance, she may flick the end of her tail or blink slowly.

Kitty Conversations

Always respond to your furry friend when she meows at you. The more you interact with her, the more interactive she’ll become! Some cats have different sounds for different things. Fluffy may have a ‘Hello!’ meow, a ‘Feed me!’ meow, and a ‘Where are you?’ meow. She may also make different noises when she wants to be picked up, put down, petted, not petted, let in, or let out.

Meow Translators

Did you know you can actually get gadgets that ‘translate’ Fluffy’s meows? There are apps for this, but you can also get programmable pads that speak certain words whenever your furball steps on them. (Results may vary.)


Here’s a cute thing to try: the next time your furball meows at you, meow back, imitating her as closely as you can. See how Fluffy reacts, and how long you can keep this little game going!

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