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Celebrating Snoopy

August 1 2023

August 10th is a pretty important day in America’s cultural history: it’s the official birthday of one of our most beloved and iconic dogs: Snoopy! Charlie Brown’s furry best friend has been charming us since 1950. In this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, a Newmarket, ON vet, a veterinarian lists some fun facts about the cartoon canine.


Snoopy is a Beagle, a breed known for being lovable, stubborn, and at times a bit extra. The breed is renowned for its excellent tracking capacities. However, Snoopy chose a different career path … or, to be exact, several of them. He’s dipped his paw into many fields, and has tried out being an author and an attorney. He was known as Joe Cool in college, but always imagined himself as a World War I Flying Ace and the nemesis of the Red Baron. In 1968, he made his way into the parade circuit, appearing as an ice skater, a court jester, and an astronaut.


To be fair, Snoopy is by no means perfect. He has a lazy streak, and, like everyone else, sometimes makes fun of Charlie Brown, referring to him as ‘the round headed kid.’ However, underneath it all, Snoopy is incredibly loyal and loving.


Snoopy has managed to form close bonds with most of the Peanuts gang, though the friendships have had their ups and downs. His closest buddy, however, is Woodstock, the cheerful little canary.

Family Ties

There has also been some confusion in regards to Snoopy’s family tree. Although the pup once referred to himself as an only dog, it turned out that he had seven siblings. His brother Spike has made the most guest appearances, but the other brothers, Andy, Marbles, and Olaf have also turned up. He also has a sister, Belle. A 1991 television special identified the last two of the litter as Molly and Rover.

Sweet Tooth

One of many things that distinguish Snoopy from other dogs is his love of chocolate. However, because he is a cartoon,  he isn’t susceptible to the health risks that chocolate poses to real dogs. Regardless of what the celebrity pup does, you should never give your canine pal chocolate!

Have you recently adopted a cute Beagle with a flair for writing purple prose? Does your dog think he’s a renowned fighter pilot? Contact Armitage Animal Clinic, your Newmarket, ON veterinary clinic, today!