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Spotlight On Fido’s Toys

August 15 2023

Does your canine buddy get super excited when he spots a new toy? Fido is super cute when he’s feeling playful and frisky. Toys serve some very important purposes for dogs: they not only keep pups entertained, they also prevent boredom and help soothe anxiety. While choosing your furry friend’s playthings isn’t exactly rocket science, there are things to keep in mind. A vet answers a few common questions about dog toys in this article from Armitage Animal Clinic, your Newmarket, ON animal clinic.

What’s The Best Toy For A Dog?

Our four-legged friends are all unique, so there’s really no one-size fits all answer to this. Keep in mind that different toys will serve different purposes. One pooch may use a soft plushy toy as a comfort toy to snuggle with, while another may see it as ‘prey’ and demolish it in seconds. Puzzle toys and treat-dispensing toys can keep Fido occupied, while chew toys will help a puppy ease that natural urge to gnaw on, well, everything. Ideally, your four-legged pal should have a variety of toys.

How Do I Choose Safe Dog Toys?

Safety should always be the first concern when shopping for Fido. Make sure to choose toys that are the right size for your furry best friend. A Labrador Retriever can choke on something made for a small breed! If your pooch is an aggressive chewer, look for indestructible toys. Kong toys are a good option for this. Avoid anything with small parts, as well as anything your pup could potentially break into small pieces. (This is something to consider when choosing stuffed animals.) Last but not least, check labels. Opt for things made out of natural materials. It’s also a good idea to see where the toy was made. Many pet products made overseas, including several rubber and plastic toys, have been found to contain BPAs and other dangerous substances.

How Do I Care For My Dog’s Toys?

Fido plays with his mouth, so it doesn’t take very long for their toys to get pretty gross. Most toys will have care instructions on the label. Many stuffies can be machine washed, while rubber toys, such as Kong toys, are often dishwasher safe. Just make sure it’s even worth saving! If its best days are behind it, discreetly toss it and replace it.

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